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The website, "" in Lebanon, NJ is NOT the SKS Associates we are up against here. We have been advised that the business that owns that particular website, has been bombarded with calls and complaints. It's an unfortunate coincidence that business holds that web domain but they have nothing to do with the Northern Leasing / SKS Associates LLC / Golden Eagle Leasing.

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12/10/12 Update

A Third Amended Complaint has been granted, which contains additional allegations and information about the SKS fraud, as well as the other activities of Northern Leasing.  It's quite long, but paragraphs 173- 226(pages 38-51) include a lot of new information about SKS.

Click here for a copy of the complaint


1/9/12 Update

Looks like the NYS Attorney General is showing an interest in this.
Here is a copy of a letter to one of SKS's victims.



6/13/11: Update
UPDATE! Good news! Today a preliminary injunction was granted against SKS prohibiting them from debiting bank accounts, attempting to collect on terminated leases and reporting to the credit bureaux. This remains in effect until final judgment is rendered in the case.

Click here to view a copy of the Preliminary Injuction
Click here to view the original complaint


4/11/11: Update
The law firm of Gutride Safier were granted a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). This means that SKS Associates can not withdraw funds and engage in collection activities while waiting for a May 5th hearing.

Click here to view a copy of the Temporary Restraining Order Application
Click here to view a copy of theTemporary Restraining Order


4/7/11: Update
Pending Class Action against Northern Leasing et al.




This page is important to you if you are a small business owner and have EVER leased or lease-purchased equipment such as credit card processing terminals or electronic signs.

Beginning in February, 2011, former clients of Northern Leasing, Golden Eagle Leasing, Lease Finance Group and others, began receiving letters that their paid and closed lease accounts with these entities had "unpaid taxes and fees", and that SKS Associates had purchased the rights to their leases. SKS Associates then proceeded to debit the bank accounts of these businesses without any authorization. Many of these accounts have been paid in full and closed for several years. Suddenly, businesses all over the country are being relieved of money without any proof of a debt being owed, and without authorization.

This page was created to bring awareness, and encourage victims to recover the funds that were taken from them, and file complaints to the appropriate authorities, including the New York Attorney General's Office, your State Attorney General's Office, the FTC, the Banks, and others.

If you are a victim of SKS Associates' activities, please join this group so that we might bring media attention to what has been happening, and force this entity to cease and desist.

The author was also a victim of this activity, and has attempted to contact several media outlets to draw attention to this situation, however none have responded. It is my hope that the power of social networking will help other victims learn that they are not alone, and empower them to take the necessary, and legal steps to stop what is happening.

Dispute the charges IMMEDIATELY with your bank.

File complaints :

Attorney General - New York: - AG will only get involved with enough complaints.

Federal Trade Commission:

Better Business Bureau:

SKS Associates Contact info

SKS Associates
P.O. Box 7861
New York New York 10116
United States of America
Phone: 866-781-0440

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